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Las Terrenas is located on the Samana Peninsula in the northeast of the Dominican Republic. Far away from the centers of mass tourism, the Samana Peninsula is one of the most beautiful parts of the country. Long, white sand beaches are lined by a thick belt of palm trees, a ridge of hills inland is covered with luxuriant tropical vegetation, and there are several quaint villages and towns in the area. Las Terrenas, Las Galeras and Samaná are the tourist and economic centers of the peninsula, where there are businesses, cafés and restaurants, bakeries, car and motorbike rental companies, and diving schools.

In the 19th century, Samaná was still an island, separated from the mainland by a narrow waterway. The result is a diversity of distinctive flora and fauna found nowhere else in the country. Clear water and fabulous coral reefs make Samaná a paradise for divers and snorkelers. The Samana Bay is a prime whale watching area.

Though every island in the Caribbean is at risk of experiencing a hurricane, because of its North coast location, the Samana Peninsula is more protected. There is no evidence of hurricane damage in the area-mature, 30 year-old coconut trees (with very shallow root structures) line the coast of Samana. There have only been two hurricanes in the last 100 years; both of them mild.


Las Terrenas is a lively, chaming town home to many small shops, boutiques, restaurants and cafés. The once sleepy fishing village is a good example of “sustainable tourism”—there are no large hotel developments, and Dominicans and tourists are respectful in their dealings with each other. There is a three-story maximum height imposed on all buildings, which will preserve the charming character of the area. Tourism has only recently come to Las Terrenas; as a result there is a wealth of opportunities for positive development.

The town is on a wonderful section of the coast with 18 miles of sandy beaches, some of the finest in the Caribbean. Several diving schools have set up in Las Terrenas, and cars, motorbikes and bicycles can be rented. A number of very good restaurants have been opened by European immigrants, and in the evenings the sounds of Bachata and Merengue drift out of the Dominican bars.

Las Terrenas' cosmopolitan flair is a result a population of 4,000 European permanent residents (2,000 of whom are French), and a strong tourist flow predominantly French, Italian, and German. There are two French Schools in Las Terrenas, one for children and one for adults, both which offer diplomas recognized by the French educational system.


Samana's El Catey International Airport opened in November 2006. The newly constructed airport will accommodate the largest airbuses from Europe, Canada and the US, allowing an increased volume of tourist easy access to the area. The improved road from the new international airport to Las Terrenas is scheduled to be completed in 2010 and is projected to reduce the commute to Las Terrenas to only 15 minutes. The municipal airport in Las Terrenas, El Portillo, will continue to operate offering daily flights to and from Santo Domingo and Puerto Plata.

Until recently, the peninsula was a 4-5 hour drive by car or bus from Santo Domingo along a country road. The newly constructed Santo Domingo Samana highway has cut the driving time to 1.5-2 hours.


Las Terrenas will soon be home to an 18-hole golf course designed by Andy Dye, a premiere name in the world in golf design. The course complies with all the international norms, and the difficulty will be medium-high.

The project will feature eleven spectacular interconnected lagoons, waterfalls and a beautiful country club and boating marina. Las Terrenas Country Club will include a European style beach club, a boutique hotel, a luxury spa, and tennis courts.

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