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Boomerang Unlimited unites the diverse talents of a team of veteran real estate development, sales, and business strategy professionals. We are dedicated to the ongoing success of your investments.

In partnership with a Dominican Republic resident with 40 years of international real estate experience, and guided by a forward-thinking advisory board, our team of entrepreneurs and business strategy experts carefully evaluate real estate acquisitions and manage investor relations. With this unequaled combination of leadership talent, Boomerang Unlimited is uniquely positioned to help investors generate wealth in the exploding Caribbean market.

You'll find our people-driven business philosophy thoughtful, respectful, and fiscally sound. We pay attention to details, while keeping our focus on the “big picture.” We manage your hard-earned investment funds with integrity. We deliver what we promise, and we only promise what we can deliver. The measure of our success is your satisfaction.


Laurel Pine

Laurel Pine

Laurel Pine
Principal, Investor Relations

A business coach and advisor with 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, and project management, Laurel Pine brings her time-tested expertise in strategic planning and organizational development to every Boomerang Unlimited transaction.

In addition to her responsibilities as co-principal of Boomerang Unlimited, Laurel is president of LP: QUEST, a consulting practice that has been helping small businesses thrive since 1997.

In the last five years, Laurel's passion for active real estate and business investing has led her to participate in Loral Langemeier's LBT and LBT alumni, IBI Global, Keiretsu Forum, and several regional investment groups. Laurel is the founder of I-REIF, International Real Estate Investment Forum, a network of professionals active in global real estate development projects.

Albert Defazio
Developer, Architect, Engineer

Boomerang Unlimited's on-site expert, French-born architect and engineer Albert Defazio proudly makes his home in the Dominican Republic. Although his career has seen him design and supervise major developments around the world, Albert fell in love with the Dominican Republic upon his arrival in 2002. Today, he dedicates his efforts to creating quality projects in his chosen homeland.

Albert is co-owner of DSL Panama, a respected real estate development company with a 40-plus-year history of design and construction. Albert's projects span the globe with completed development projects in 24 countries, including France, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and Spain, as well as the Dominican Republic.

A permanent resident of Santo Domingo, Albert's international experience and sterling reputation in the Dominican marketplace are essential elements of Boomerang Unlimited's success.

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