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Boomerang Unlimited is in the process of identifying and planning the next Dominican Republic condo development project.

We are focusing in the Las Terrenas area, and plan to build eco-friendly vacation rental condos.

Boomerang Unlimited is working in partnership with Mr. Albert Defazio, a French-born architect, engineer and real estate developer now based in the Dominican Republic. Mr. Defazio has a 40-plus-year history of design and construction with completed development projects in 24 countries, including France, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and Spain.

This project will likely be based on the model used previously in Las Terrenas by Mr. Defazio, for the projects Terra Terrenas and Jardines de Coson. Mr. Defazio has personally financed the above-referenced projects, which are currently half sold (preconstruction) to US and European investors.

Property management will be handled by the same company that is marketing and managing rentals as for Terra Terrenas and Jardines de Coson.

For information please contact Laurel Pine.

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