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Arial view of Jardines de Coson development

View of Condo Development from Villa Alberta

Virtual image of Jardines de Coson development interior

Virtual image of Jardines de Coson development interior

Virtual image of Jardines de Coson development interior

Virtual image of Jardines de Coson development interior


Boomerang Unlimited, in concert with a network of real estate brokers in the US, Canada and Europe, is marketing Jardines de Coson, a beautifully designed residential resort on Coson Beach in Las Terrenas.


Image of the virtual Terra Terrenas and Jardines de Coson Development, Dominican Republic

There are many preconstruction opportunities in Las Terrenas, as evidenced by the many development construction projects underway. However, few projects offer the benefits of Jardines de Coson.

Jardines de Coson consists of 52 elegant and spacious villas and 63 condos. The project is located on Playa Coson Beach, just over a mile from the town of Las Terrenas. Playa Coson is one of the most beautiful beaches in the area. It has the feel of a small bay, with sandy beaches studded with coconut trees wrapping around both to the left and the right. The project is between two Wyndham Hotels. Coson beach is one of the few beaches that does not have the ocean and the resorts.

The project design aims to preserve everyone's sense of privacy via a very well thought-out architectural layout. Designed by a well-known architect, the resort offers elegance, comfort, and high-quality services.

The resort's amenities include three pools, an elegant club house, a gym, restaurant, playground for children, and a business center including rental management services. This real estate development will be entirely enclosed and will have two exits-one to the road in the direction of Las Terrenas, and the other with a direct access to Coson beach. A guard-house will be staffed 24 hours a day at each exit.

There will be a structure for providing general services provided such as gardening, cleaning, or maintenance to co-owners who wish to use them. Property management and rental fees will be 20% of the total rent collected for each unit. We are aiming for 60-70% occupancy. Projected completion for the first phase of construction is early 2010.

Lots at Jardines de Coson range from 1,100 m2 to 3,000 m2 (11,840-32,292 square feet.) There are 5 villa models available, ranging in size from 147.84 m2 (1591 square feet) for a 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath villa to 395.88 m2 (4261 square feet) for a 5 bedroom, 5.5 bath villa.

All villas will feature sandstone floors; exotic wood doors, shuttes and cabinets; a spacious floor plan; a large terrace; and tropical/exotic landscaping. Private pool/jacuzzi and/or garage are available.

Unlike the other developments, Jardines de Coson's villas will feature crawl space under the foundation, preventing moisture from reaching and damaging the villa's walls. Extreme measures have also been taken to prevent excess water from accumulating on Jardines de Coson's land. All of the road throughout the resort will have the drainage capacity to handle 9 times more water than other resorts. The water will be directed to flow into a nearby river and there will be trap doors that will prevent water from re-entering the resort from the river. Because of the special construction techniques used to build the roads, Jardines de Coson's roads should still be in good condition 40 years from now.

Image of Coson Beach, Dominican Republic

The projects' director and owner is Mr. Albert Defazio, a French-born architect, engineer and real estate developer with a 40-plus-year history of design and construction. Mr. Defazio's experience includes design and construction of 65 completed development projects in 24 countries, including France, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and Spain. Projects include the study, design and building of over five thousand villas and apartments, numerous industrial plants and buildings, two IKEA stores, prisons, hotels, statdiums, office space, and a 193,500 square foot villa for the King of Saudi Arabia that included an underground transportation system.

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